In the Depth of Night

The stirring shifts the deep

boned blankets of my eyes.


You take a breath, instantly

precarious and wizened feet toe the cliffs

Rise in a sixteenth less an inch

holding the promise of what is to



Trust the depth of the night hold within

the caverns of heart. It is in precarious

places that the new dawn begins to show



Trust her the wizened old one within crystal

grottos of her core.

The star that shines in sky nation above

shines deep within her darkest hallowed depths

Sometimes it’s not about rising up above to great heights of

Free flight.

Sometimes it’s about going ever deeper into the abysmal deep

Of no perceived end, this is where you find the Star burning

Bright within.


In the Depth of Night

The Stirring shifts the deep

boned blankets of my Heart opened eyes

Reflecting, the fiercely lit Star within.



Rev. Susan Coleman

February 16 2020



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