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2-hour Free Online Conference with

The Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations of the North!

MARCH 28, 2020 at 11 am Pacific

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Join us in an online gathering that the Mother Earth has called.

Hear the wisdom shared by a delegation of elders who come with directions from Mother Earth to help us walk through these times of great chaos and change.

Let us Be that which we have been calling!!!!!


We are busy now organizing this event. We will be with you in the next week to share how to register and how you can join this free call. In the letter to you below, you can learn more of how this call to action began and join us in the steps it is revealing during this challenging moment for our planet.



Dear Community, Friends and Relatives,


During these last days, we have seen the world systems shutting down. It is a time to pause. To reflect. To listen to Nature’s direction. For the last three months we have been helping to organize a private council gathering in Stockholm, March 26-29, 2020--- The Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations of the North. Indigenous representatives, spiritual authorities, faith keepers, tribal council leaders from the Sami territories of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia, North, South and Central America, Greenland, India, New Zealand, Africa, and Australia, were coming together in a four-day private council in Stockholm, Sweden. Now most countries are banning air travel and meetings with the public due to the coronavirus.


Due to this international situation, there is a heightened need for collaboration among the indigenous peoples of the world to protect their sacred lands and indigenous rights. They carry the voice for the Mother Earth. It is time to stand with this wisdom. Our times are calling for all nations to enter into this collaboration. Nature has a way to respond to these times, if we will but listen.


Let me take a moment to share how this delegation was born. The Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations of the North is a gathering organized by delegates that attended The Flourishing Diversity Summit at London University in September 2019. This original meeting opened a platform for Indigenous Peoples in accordance to ancestral protocols and guidelines to stand up for the Rights of Mother Earth and Nature’s Laws, reclaiming their inherent sovereignty and restoring their Original Caretaker roles of their territories.


A ceremonial call to action was carried out uniting all nations through the heart with Mother Earth and for future generations. This call to action was in response to the news that 2 1/2 tons of radioactive waters was poured into our oceans from Fukushima and more fires set in the Amazon.


A fully united moment brought the awareness that we can no longer keep trying to get the establishment to listen. It is time for us to listen to the direction available through Nature’s laws. It is time to step out of systems that are failing to sustain life, and step into solutions collaboratively designed for all life.


When our team met a few days ago to determine what the Mother Earth was asking us to do in the midst of this challenge, the guidance brought to us was how important it is for each of us to light a ceremonial fire with our communities. In this way, we are honoring the Mother Earth and the direction She is giving us now as we take this time to pause and listen. The Sami of Sweden will still be lighting a uniting Sacred fire with some of the organizers in Stockholm on the morning of March 28th at 9am pacific. This means that fires will be lite around the world all day, as this prayer moves through the time zones. The delegates will take the 4 days we were to be together physically, to be together in ceremony and prayer around the world - lighting our own fires at the same time. The delegates will then join their prayers with the Sami fire and prayers in Sweden on the morning of March. 28th at 9am pacific. In this way, we can unite ourselves standing firmly with and for Mother Earth. Join us!!!


On March 28th at 11am pacific, we will be holding an Online Conference Call that is open to all. It will be on zoom with live streaming on Youtube and Facebook access. We are inviting all delegates to bring their wisdom and guidance to share with the world. What is the Mother Earth telling us during this challenge with the Coronavirus? What does She need us to do individually and globally? As we come out of this crisis, what are the next steps to move forward? The delegation’s guidance through this great cleansing is welcomed and a much-needed gift to the world. Join us!!!!


As Jingki, an Australian delegate, said, “ It is time to stand in our zero points. It is time to stand with our communities.” Delegates went on to say that it is a time for the men of our communities to stand firmly with the strong feminine energy that is taking us forward. Be focused. Be strong. Rest within the Mother Earth’s movement. Don’t be distracted. These are some of the delegate's direction.


This is a notice to hold the date of March 28th. We are organizing this online gathering so that as many of you that want to join from around the world can. The first part of next week we will be sending out another notice, so that you can register. Following that you will receive an email giving the instructions with how to join. We hope to see you on March 28th!!! As the aboriginal elders say, “We are calling a New Way Of Dreaming”. All those that have heard the call of the grandmothers are gathering. Join us!


In service,

The staff of the Center for Sacred Studies, the Fountain and in full support of

The Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations of the North

We envision a restored global economy of reciprocity inspired by nature and the sacred.

The Fountain exists to catalyze the journey towards reconnection and unification by bridging sacred economics with the sacred ecological principles and practices of ancestral cultures.

Join us and play your part in the great work of our time.

The Fountain projects and programs exist to catalyze the process of unification and the restoration of Mother Earth. They are guided by the values of reciprocity, respect, responsibility, and relationship. Our initiatives support flow between sacred economics, sacred lands, and sacred cultures.

Our Vision

We envision a restored global economy of reciprocity inspired by Nature and the Sacred in which all beings thrive.


Our mission is to enable collaborative action that bridges the original principles of ancient cultures into a new vision for sacred economics in service to sacred lands.

Our Values

The Fountain’s work is inspired and guided by the original principles including: Reciprocity | Respect | Responsibility | Relationship

Dear Community and Relatives,

It is with great excitement that I am sharing with you The Fountain!

Several years ago, we received instruction to "restore an economic model based on collaboration and reciprocity guided by Nature and the Sacred".

The Fountain Movement is actualizing a new model of Sacred Economics that combines the most enlightened elements of the Western Financial System with the natural intelligence of Native Wisdom Traditions to bring practical solutions to the worlds current economic and ecological crisis.

The Movement is working to restore the world's sacred sites and return them to the stewardship of their natural indigenous guardians to bring the Earth back into balance. We are utilizing the ancient technology of ceremony and prayer to receive Nature's guidance to this end. We are listening to the Earth Herself, and following what she needs to restore Herself. We are returning to the roots of ourselves so that health can be restored.

Why is it important?

The Fountain's new sacred economic model presents a way to finally sidestep the mass of negativity created by the world's materialistic and fragmented financial systems and evolve a new sacred economic pathway that unifies the world's peoples to collectively create a sustainable, life-supporting planet, in reciprocity with Nature.

The Fountain Movement is an invitation to help bring about a transformed global society that leaves a legacy of clean air, fresh water, fertile soil and spiritual harmony for the Earth's children. The Movement is an amazing opportunity to co-create an exemplary model that restores life.

The call to a collaborative relationship on all levels is imperative!

We invite you to visit our new website at to learn more about the story of how this initiative has grown and the amazing projects that have grown out of it.

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The Earth is calling us to stand up in Unity and Peace for all Life.

May it be so,

Jyoti Grandmother Vision Keeper

Jyoti (Elder, USA)