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You are everything.  Magic. Giving. Beautiful. Graceful. Stumbling. Everything.

For those of us on a spiritual path, we often know all of the things to do to connect with our inner world... but that doesn't always mean we take the time to do it.  Especially if we are serving others.  Dropping into our private time sometimes looks like waiting for the next ceremony.

Coming into our inner worlds restores our availability to the guiding light inside of our hearts.  The light is always there!  Sometimes it just feels like an 18-mile hike over rocky terrain to find our centers.

Reverend Kim Forcina is inviting you to lay down and rest right on the rocks of your path and take time to be in your healed state ~ the part of you that knows EXACTLY what you need and when you do not need anything.

Her new project, Sanctuary Spirit ~ Time & Space to Replenish Your Magic was birthed in June and our dear Jyoti helped plant the seeds for this new herb in Great Mother's garden.

You're invited to join us each month for two guided healing journeys and a live open call where she'll be teaching tools to awaken your intuition, clear your energy filled and answer questions that come up for you as you flow between the inner and outer world.

Read more about Sanctuary Spirit and join us here:

We are also happy to share that 50% of your membership to Sanctuary Spirit goes directly to The Center for Sacred Studies.

May peace, calm and the steady light of the love of Spirit greet you at the doors of your inner sanctuary.