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Shungite Pyramid Medium

Even more stunning than its cleansing properties in water, are Shungite’s protective qualities. As a conductor of electricity, Shungite is known to aid in the inhibiting of EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, that are the result of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields are created by electronic devices. Common electronic items such as laptops, cell phones, computers and tablets all put out EMFs. Placing at the base of a computer, microwave or around your various home electronic devices will not interfere with their operations, but it will block out some of their free radial output.

The constant transmission of EMFs have a significant impact on your energy and health, which is why it is time to start implementing the powerful healing and protective elements found in Shungite to each part of your daily routine. Whether you’re at work, on the go, or in the comfort of your home, the effects of modern technology surround you. For someone in need of a digital cleanse from common electronic items,powerful combination of energy tools to help you minimize and detox from the effects of EMFs. This kit comes with a combination of three Shungite-based products that have the ability to protect you from the effects of your technological devices, as well as those that surround you.

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