Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis

Omileye “Omi” Achikeobi-Lewis is a humble woman of prayer, ceremony, and a fifth generation “Seer”. Through the divine mother energy and the ancient African oracle she was chosen and given the titled positions  Crown of the Mother, and a YeyeOsun (Mother). Many call Omi an ancient philosopher in modern day times as  she is knowledgeable about world cultures, ways,  their healing and cosmological systems. Omi is an author  of several books including her latest “Beautiful Waters”, and an  award winner of the prestigious Prince’s Trust. With her husband Derrick Lewis, she is the founder of YeyeOsun: The Institute of Sacred Balance, the Humanity4Water Awards, and WaterSongline (which she founded with Derrick Lewis, Ann Rosencranz, and Bob Boyll). Omileye has recently collaborated with the UN on their international Post Sustainable water agenda, and has been invited to be part of the UN Interfaith WASH Alliance.  Her mission in life is to help the world return back to balance through spreading the love, knowledge and compassion of the divine feminine and ancient ancestors. Omileye is currently studying for a Masters in Holistic Counseling at Winthrop College.