Matthew and Terces Engelhart

Matthew and Terces Engelhart have a unique approach to life and business. While many would say they are “busy,” the Engelharts’, prefer to refer to their lives as “full.” This spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the abundance of life has afforded this dynamic couple many opportunities. They are the co-owners of Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre, have co-authored 3 books together, and more recently formed Eternal Presence, LLC as the educational branch of Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre Restaurants. Through this new venture they are not only able to define and develop the conscious culture that has resulted in the amazing work environment in the restaurants, but are able to share their unique and forward thinking approach to life with the world. Eternal Presence workshops focus on a variety of topics including: Sacred Commerce (Business as a Path to Awakening), Community Building, tools for enacting a culture of sharing, Kindred Spirits, the Abounding River Workshop and Coaching with the Masters. When they are not on the road speaking or teaching, Matthew and Terces live on their “Be Love” Organic Farm where they grow food for their 6 restaurants. Matthew and Terces Eternal Presence website: