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Fire & Ice Smokey Quartz Crystal 2 x1

Fire and Ice quartz is also known as Rainbow Quartz or Crackle Quartz.

Naturally formed fire and Ice Quartz is rare to find and only comes from one location in Brazil. The thermal heating and cooling of the earth among other influences causes the crackling inside. Man-made Fire and Ice Quartz is plentiful. It is created by exposing the quartz to intense heat followed by an immediate cooling.

It is thought that Fire and Ice quartz helps open and awaken all chakras, tying the physical body to the spiritual realm and the earth, opening a pathway of higher understanding and an ability to remember one’s soul purpose. This is a stone of purification that allows the aura to maintain a vibration high enough that negative or unwanted energies slough off. Paired with Quartz, it lifts one to a higher level and cleanses all that is around it.

Fire & Ice Quartz has patterns within created by the internal crackling. These patterns have resonance with the tree of life, sacred geometry, the Shamanic realm and assists in accessing information from higher dimensions.


2x 1 1/2

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