Ann Renee Rosencranz

Ordained Minister, Counselor, Woman of Prayer, M.A. in Philosophy and Religion
Through her life-long devotion to the Great Spirit, Ann has been guided by visions, dreams and miraculous encounters. In the last three decades she has received initiations into traditions from around the world. This journey has led her to the center of her Star origins in her ancestral Jewish and Moravian lineage. Ann serves as a ceremonial guide for people in life transitions: birth, coming of age, marriage, and death. For several decades she has joined with her beloved husband Bob growing their spiritual prayer family. As a devotee of the Mother Waters, Ann birthed the WaterSongline with Omileye Yeyeochun and sits on the Mothers of the Water Council.

Ann recently completed a decade of service as a member of the leadership staff of CSS and one of the conveners of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, during which time she traveled nationally and internationally with the Grandmothers to further their voice in the world. She continues to walk a prayer of peace, making offerings to sacred sites of our Mother Earth and cultivating alliances among all beings. She sings and dances to celebrate the many faces of the divine, offering ceremonial ways of transmutation and Belonging. Ann is here to honor and to serve, for the next seven generations and beyond.