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Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 5.48.31 PMWe are the ones we’ve been waiting for… We each have an innate and inherent wisdom, our unique gifts, that we have come to share with the world. 

Join us as we circle up with our global community of beautiful, awakened souls in the spirit of collaboration and reciprocity focused on healing ourselves, our Mother Earth and all beings now and for the next seven generations. Discover how to stay centered in your heart, release what no longer serves and move into your authenticity as we get connected and hold each other in a space of solidarity and unity.

We invite you to join us on this sacred journey!

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Listen in February 2015!!

2/12- Jeff Firewalker Schmitt
2/26- Natem Anank

The Ecospiritual Imperative and Sacred Cosmology
with Jeff Firewalker Schmitt

Thursday February 12, 2015
6:30-7:30pm (Pacific)

As change-makers we passionately devote our lives to problems with an unprecedented level of complexity. The prevailing belief is that technical/scientific solutions can be devised to remedy most of the issues we face. But there is a mounting appreciation that stewarding social change requires a perspective broader than materialistic reductionism.  During our time together we will explore how bringing light to this landscape will help us come to grips with the fact that we cannot innovate our way out of the current global crises. In the words of Ervin Laszlo, the imperative is the “re-enchantment the cosmos”, to reawaken to the sacred dimension of life and re-instill a collective sense of connectedness, humility, awe, gentleness and wonder.

Jeff will also be doing a workshop on Wed., Feb 11, 2015 at the Guerneville Center for Sacred Studies in Guerneville, CA.  If you would like to work with him in person, please contact Valerie at 707-604-7362.

Jeff Firewalker Schmitt, PhD ­ Folk Healer, Tabaquero, Ceremonialist & Scientist – enjoys a rich life filled with community, science, music, art, and family. Jeff is an enthusiastic advocate for indigenous healing and wisdom traditions. As both a noted scientist and practitioner of Folk medicine, he seeks to build bridges of understanding. Jeff is a challenging and evocative speaker/storyteller; in 2011 he presented the first TEDx talk on Ayahuasca ­ inspired by his life-changing sojourn with the Secoya people of the Northern Amazon. Jeff enthusiastically works with clients using sacred healing and counseling methods.  One of his greatest joys is bringing people together in sacred community to facilitate personal and planetary healing.  Jeff has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with the sacred healing plant tobacco; for many years Jeff studied the neuroprotective properties of compounds found in tobacco and helped start a company to fight diseases like Parkinson¹s and Alzheimer’s based on this research. Over the years his relationship has shifted to working with tobacco as a teacher and catalyst for sacred healing, and as a consequence was given the title “Tabaquero” or one who heals with tobacco.

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Our monthly meditation circle:

Journey to the Sacred Waterfall
with Natem Anank

Thursday February 26, 2015
6:30-7:30pm (Pacific)

Join Natem as he takes us on a guided visualization to the Sacred Waterfall, deep into the Amazon Rainforest. Natem will connect us with the plant and animal kingdoms as well as deepen our connection to the Great Spirit who Natem calls Arutam.

Natem roundNatem Anank was raised deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon in the traditional “Shuar of the Sacred Waterfalls” way. He is a Shuar Uwishin (Traditional Healer) guided by the Great Spirit Arutam and the wisdom of his ancestors.
In 1991 Natem Anank came to the United States as a member of a band called “Grupo Chaarip” who performed at various international events. Their hope was to generate interest in the Shuar culture and raise awareness about the devastating consequences that over-consumption has on the Amazon rainforest- the lungs of the world.
Currently living in the Pacific Northwest, Natem Anank  desires a world of equality  without greed; where plants purify the air and crystalline springs satiate the thirst of the universe. Sharing the natural world in a place of unlimited happiness where dreams become reality. Flying above obstacles and discovering a limitless horizon. Here, in the four winds, you will hear the vibrant voice of the sacred plant NATEM saying… PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and RESPECT.

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