Ministry Training Program – Dialogue About Creation 


Ongoing, engaging communication helps us, as individuals and as a global community, to grow a culture of consciousness. Here we present to you a variety of dialogues that give insight into some universal teachings.


Conversations on Growing A Conscious Culture
Jyoti, Dr. Russell Park, Barbara Harris Whitfield, Charlie Whitfield

J: I think we’ve gotten to a level of sophistication in our individual work on our self. Can we take what we have learned about ourselves and apply it to our living environment – our families, our village, and our offices: in the places where we live our daily lives. The old people say that a physician learns the technical things that heal. The healer takes that learning and empowers the client for healing to occur. And the shaman heals the soul of the community. We are in a great transition. Can we recognize where we are in that transition? Is there a denial in our collective relations about where we are? Can we awaken and accept our global situation in order to move on?
C: Can you tell us how the denial manifests?
J: There’s a death of a culture going on. Our cultures are at the end of the train ride. A new culture has to be allowed to evolve out of the ashes. The Phoenix has to rise. But nobody wants to talk about it – nobody’s home.
C: Death of a culture. And where are the people who are not home? Where are they?
J: They’re at work, stressed out, wrung out, and falling apart – totally dissociating from their humanness. They are working three jobs so they can barely pay the bills – barely! Work has lost its meaning. Just to pay the bills. It reminds me of a story that the comedian George Carlin does around stuff. You have to get a bigger truck and you have to get a bigger suitcase to carry more stuff. You have to have three jobs to pay for the stuff. In that way, you can be sure and prove that you’re a good father or a good mother to your children. They never see you, but you’re still taking care of giving them a lot of stuff. But there is no more warmth there. There are only hard surfaces. In order to deal with the pain of the denial that nobody’s facing, they’re going into drugs and finally into murders. There were 17 murders in our country last year by children killing themselves or killing each other. The lowest age was 6 years odd. Somebody’s got to talk about it. There is a way to flip the switch so we can move through the denial and live a different way. Our families and communities are seeking a way of life that is sustainable. It requires we move from “I” thinking to “We” thinking.
C: Well, how do you move from triangle one to triangle two? That’s what we are talking about – in part.
B: How do we elevate that game? We might not be able to stop it but how do you transform that game? If you go back to the Gift to Myself workbook, we wrote games in there for each level. At the lowest level the game is denial. The game is to look good, you know, the looking good family.
B: I remember when I facilitated an IONDS support group for 12 years. Six of those years Bruce and I did it really great. We later processed objectively what we had seen recurring in our groups. One of the behaviors that became visible was the game of spiritual materialism. All of a sudden it was “I’ve got more than you’ve got.” Spiritually. But it was really psychically. There was psychic competition going on among all the NDEr’s and we would get trapped in telling our stories of how powerfully something had happened to us. So what I am saying is we drop right back down to ego playing that game. We watched it over the years. We learned how to pull out of it. But that game is going on.
J: I think object games pull us back down too… Material games. You’re my object. You’re my wife. Secretary. You’re my physician. You’re my employee. You’re my patient. Objects. So that I don’t really have to have relations with you. You’re the object and that’s the game.
C: There’re certain kinds of games that are healthy and they’re okay. We know they’re games first of all. We get into it like if you’re playing scrabble. Or you’re playing monopoly. Or you’re playing whatever it is. And it is an appropriate healthy game. Or it’s basketball or baseball or golf, tennis, you name it. So that healthy games help us sublimate a lot of stuff. We know we’re playing them and most of the time we know they’re games and we’re not going to take them too seriously unless it’s the Duke/Carolina basketball game. Then it’s very serious!!
C: How do we differentiate – how do we define an unhealthy game?
J: Or when does a healthy game become an unhealthy one?
B: Like in South America when they have the big soccer games and people get trampled to death.
C: So, what are the characteristics of unhealthy as compared to healthy games? The first one I would think of is Awareness. That the person who is unhealthy tends to be unconscious.
J: Are we doing healthy or unhealthy?
C: Well the healthy would be conscious. Unconscious would be what else?
J: Well, for me everything is conscious or unconscious anyway. And what you are describing is what the people at a spiritual village in Italy call “The game of life.” And when you wake up and realize that you are in the game of life then you can make it a healthy game… And that’s really the issue in all of it. It’s not like good or bad which is what we teach about triangles. It’s not this or that – it just is. You determine that something is and then you determine if that is healthy for you. If it’s not – you don’t have to judge it or make it wrong but you don’t have to play that game anymore. Does our game of life grow goodness in the chaos of our lives or negativity and disease? It reminds me of a time in my life when I had been appointed as acting superintendent for a state operated adjudicated facility for emotionally disturbed children. It was a time when the courts were plea-bargaining: placing run-away children together with violently acting out children in the old orphanages. Birth control and foster care had made a great change for the way the state was caring for those children who had no parents. A system shift was happening. The staff at these placements were trained to deal with one type of children when suddenly they found themselves caring for children with sever histories and a lot of problems. I came to know these children as the warriors of our times. They had been abused and sometimes tortured by the shadow of our western collective. They had survived situations that many would have died in. Their spirits were strong, and their survival skills finely honed. When I arrived, the psychotic behavior on campus was in charge. My office looked like an arsenal. I found myself working from early in the morning until one or two the next. I was called from one serious incident to the next, taking drugs, guns, and homemade weapons out of the hands of children ages 8 to 17. We had to create a self-empowering module out of the chaos. We had to inspire the children to claim their home, and turn this facility into a place that evoked nurturing. We had to see where we were living, accept where we were and flip the switch to a new reality. It took each individual making the choice. If we chose to stay in life’s game as victims, we knew the story that reality would bring. But if we chose to live in triangle 2, we could transform our reality. We weren’t sure what that would look like. We were sure where we were now produced a lot of suffering. W could see that if we stayed in our anger, more anger came at us.
The first thing we had to do was prepare the staff by giving them training that helped them see a new paradigm, helped them learn how to actively listen: helped them give choices to the children for their decision making in their dorms, at school, at work and everyday life activities. Any they had to learn this while in the middle of riots with students literally trying to burn down some of the buildings. The miracle is that we did it. How that all came about is an amazing story directed through the heart. No sooner had this amazing collective vote brought a much healthier community, than the state decided to pass the institution on to the state mental health department. They promised many things, but in the end swallowed up the goodness we had found. I had to witness some very abusive behavior toward one of the children who had begun to reenter life again and was making successful progress. Needless to say, he regressed back into withdrawn and unsocialized behavior. I remember looking out my office window, crying and praying for this child. I said to God, “Have I not listened well? How could all the hard work and heart felt choices be so quickly destroyed? We created it, but we were not able to maintain it.” A Voice said, “You threw your pebble in the wrong pond. If you throw it in this pond, it might make a small ripple, but it is not sustainable, It is now time to climb the ladder of the inner labyrinth. If enough of you do and throw your pebble into the larger collective pond, it will splash over and into this reality. Your new vision of life is sustained.” I did not understand it then, but I have come to see it as the map of consciousness we offer through the triangles. It flips the switch and makes a vote for unity consciousness.
That vision changed me from a rebel with a cause into a gardener with a seed. It forced me into exploring my own internal web. The Delphi Oracle says, “To know oneself, is to know God and the Universe.” It required me to flip the switch from unconscious behavior to conscious behavior. I had to look at the unconscious in our system, our communities, our families, our way of life. That was the beast that was eating these people up. They were obviously good people caught in very unconscious behavior. Their intention to serve was good, but the way they went about it was very unconscious. It wounded and it hurt and it just fed the beast that then swallowed us. I learned a lot about the game of life through that life story.
B: I can understand why you want to focus on the goodness and not keep chasing after violence. How do we move the game from the first triangle to the second one? That’s really what we’re talking about. The mechanism is to get conscious? The mechanism is to have humility. The mechanism is what?
C: The healthy game – that’s humility. And I would add that’s acceptance. And acceptance about that we’re in a game of some kind and there’s acceptance of the rules of the game or the parameters of the game – the limitations – like if you’re on a playing field – there’s an out of bounds – there’s a limit. The unhealthy game does not have humility. It has arrogance and it has resistance – the territory of the game. Which then is going to bring about suffering – Resistance is likely to bring suffering.
R: I worked with a woman for about six months who was having relationship problems with her son. She was not able to talk to him after a family situation had triggered her. If she had tried to resolve that with him when he was raging mad six months earlier, she would have been in the first triangle with him. There was a situation that arose during a holiday season between her former partner and herself. They were both in the first triangle. It was horrible! She thought she was the victim and he was the persecutor. And her son thought the opposite. He was rescuing his father by attacking her. That’s how it started. And she was powerless. She just had to sit there and be the victim, because if she would have engaged him then, she would have been in the first triangle. For six months she just processed it. She was learning how to tolerate and hold emotional pain. But then when she finally thought she had a handle on it, it was all second triangle. That’s why it worked. She sat down with him. The first thing she did was tell him that from his perspective he was right, and from his perspective she was wrong. She could honor that. And then she just pulled them right out of the bottom triangle. Then she was able to say, “I couldn’t handle the way that you attacked me. I’m getting too sensitive for that. You can tell me things but don’t attack me.” And he got it, just like that. She realized that all that rage or whatever she still had with her old partner had simmered down by giving it six months. If she had reacted in the moment, her wound would have spread itself onto her child. She could now sit there with the child that she loved and talk with him. He apologized for the way he acted and they walked out together. So that, I think, is about playing the game. Not playing the game of the first triangle. But waiting until the rage is down and the love is up.
J: Well, the Divine Mother says that when shadow comes we must raise the light and make it as big as the shadow that is confronting us.
C: Embrace the light?
J: No. We need to raise our vibration so that our light will get as big as the shadow piece confronting us. In that moment it will see itself, and in that moment it will transmute. That’s more of an Aikido move. In Russ’s story of his patient, she gave up the need to be right.
B: Yeah! Six months later it didn’t matter who was right.
J: The story didn’t matter. The relationship did. And that’s where the value of a culture change is. Right there. I think if we don’t own something, what do we do?
C: Deny it.
J: Denial. Rejection. So if we own our feelings and our story, the game of life is healthy. If we deny or reject our feelings or some part of our story, the game of life gets unhealthy.
C: Awareness slash consciousness.
R: There are degrees of consciousness. Life is developmental and we have to give ourselves a break. Even our triangle model could be used for judging others. “You are in triangle #1!” We have to watch ourselves around that. I caught myself getting down on myself one day for not being aware, not being conscious of something. I was judging myself for being in a lower triangle. I realized that it was like making judgments on myself for not being able to tie my shoe when I was 2 years old from a 7-year-old perspective. Tying one’s shoe is a developmental task – you can’t do it at 2 – like all of life is, so it is NOT going to help to make those kinds of judgments. Judgments just shut me down and made me feel unsafe. What helps is to accept my limitations (humility), open my awareness, become more conscious and that will change my behavior. Not creating self-hatred because I can’t “tie my shoes yet”!
J: For me when you start to work with these triangles with people you can say, “When I started to apply these teachings I first did an inventory of my life circumstances. I sat down and figured out if it was conscious or unconscious? I don’t have to decide who’s doing it or why they’re doing it or what the story is. Is it conscious or unconscious? If it’s conscious then I can participate. If it’s unconscious, then I need to be aware of how I’m participating.” In that game of life nobody’s wrong. Somebody’s either just conscious or they’re not conscious. And you can’t make people be conscious.
B: How does a person decide if they’re being conscious?
J: Let me take a moment to reflect on what it is like to be with a conscious player, I’m looking to see if I have a dialogue with you. Are you willing to hold my perception and yours? If I’m with an unconscious player, I will have to hold their perception. Period.
B: Are you talking as a therapist here?
J: I am talking about a way of life.
B: Well, I was going to say that to me that’s the power of group therapy. You can watch the other people in the group try to make a person become conscious. But as an individual therapist I can’t do it. I just have to sit there and hold.
C: That’s why group is more powerful.
J: We are in a time when the group is making vote. Can enough of us embrace ourselves and face our shadow, that unknown aspect of ourselves? Can we climb to that collective pond and cast our pebble, our authenticity, to flip the switch out of our collective chaos? Our hearts are showing us the way.
R: There is a movie recently released that demonstrates this point for us. It is called Pay It Forward. A young boy’s teacher challenges the class to come up with a project that can change the world. The young boy puts I motion a plan where he does 3 nice things for people unasked and unsought, random encounters – random acts of kindness – kinds of things. He only asks that they do the same for others they encounter in their daily lives. It catches on, and pretty soon people all over are doing nice things – unconditionally – for people: pay it forward. For example, sometimes my wife and I pay the toll charges for the car behind us at the toll bridges. One of my favorite songs is Jewel’s called GOD’S Hands. The song says it’s all about kindness, and when you think about it, it is that simple: just being KIND to the people you meet along the way!


Conversations on Divine Authority: Who’s the Boss?
Jyoti, Dr. Russell Park, Barbara Harris Whitfield, Charlie Whitfield

R: Where is our authority? The Boss. Do you feel like there is a boss when you eat ice cream? Do you taste it as sweet? Do you have a good experience in your life when your heart opens? Why do some call it Divine Mother and others call it Allah or Jesus or Buddha or the All? What allows us to see divinity in our relationships? In the joy found in them? In the crisis found in them? In the moment of catharsis? When that sweetness of the divine expresses itself, you wonder who is leading this world, where is the authority?
C: Who’s the Boss? It reminds us of who is in charge. Who is in control? Control is the big issue. It’s a major issue on level 1. One level 2 it becomes very testy and very difficult, because that’s acceptance of conflict. Once we go through the hero’s journey, we can rise up to level 3. Level 2 is working through process and reaching acceptance. That allows us to transcend that whole level and participate in level 3.
B: When I am in clear space, it is such a gift. I said to myself in a meditation and I said to God in meditation, “How can I hold on to this? What I got was “Stop worrying. Have faith. Believe in the Future.” And that was such a relief for me, because I’m not in control of the future. I’m not the boss. God is. In this way, I can give my burden to God. I can stay focused. God is in charge now. God is the Boss! Even though I fall into these illusions that I am.
J: The Mayans teach about Creation through their way of life. Many years ago before our Western society enforced their belief system on all indigenous peoples around the world, ceremonies and rituals were held with the seasons of the year to pay respect to our Earth and creation, there was no war, no disease, and no disharmony. Creation dialogued with itself. The peoples of the earth were its caretakers, its stewards. Initiations in the community marked the development of a person from birth to adolescence to marriage to old age to death and crossing over. The circle of life was mindfully attended to and we returned to Creator’s mouth as ripened fruit. In this way Creator continued to learn about the sweetness of Life through the many expressions it took in each of us.
B: All that I am getting is that each one of us – we are God.
J: Yes, and we are reclaiming our divine birthright. Our work is to meet ourselves and keep our hearts open. The seed to life lives in our relations. How do we relate to ourselves, to our family, to God, to the earth, to our problems, to our enemy, to Life?
C: One of the vehicles is prayer. Of course, meditation helps us open ourselves to the All, to our boss. In order to go into prayer and meditation, we have to surrender. We have to have a loving attitude. We might add that surrender is important to help us go through the pain rather than resisting it. We call that suffering. If it sticks and lasts too long, it is so draining. It is so toxic. It just seems easier to deny it all. Of course it does get better after you to take some chemicals given to you by the geo-political drug industry complex. I could get shocked with electro-shock therapy and lose parts of my memory and my ability to feel things accurately. Or I can go into pain, surrendering to what is the pain or the joy. Then I can be in level 2. I’ll be working on acceptance through conflict.
B: When we give up the conflict, we are rewarded by a breakthrough and it makes our load lighter.
C: Part of the breakthrough is the meaning that you make of things.
J: Our perception changes. We begin t learn how to hold the pain and walk with that contrary energy at the same time. We begin to see that healing happens when we hold paradox. C.A. Meyer, a student of Carl Jung, said, “The cure is in the ultimate paradox.”
C: Perception is major. When we can see through Christ’s eyes, we can have a chance to see the real world, which lives in the higher triangle.
B: I had that experience as my life review during my near-death experience. I say 32 years of my life in individual bubbles – every single thing – can you imagine knowing every single thing that happened from almost conception to 32 years later. There I was and God enfolded me with this energy. I knew God was witnessing it through me. But then the focus changed a little and I witnessed it through God. God did not judge any thing that ever happened to me. I was afraid when I “believed” in God as someone judging how I lived my life. I spent half my life worrying about that. God was just loving me and I’m doing it all. What a lesson.
J: At that moment is when your perception of authority changes. If you take that new perception and apply it to a community, our authority takes on a new role. When you have a looking glass as big as a village to see the collective unconscious as your own, so you can see how it plays with things, there is an authority that is carried by us in a different way.
C: And I guess the village community is a higher level of authority in one sense. On the one hand it is a double-edged sword. The other side would be like Nazism and the other atrocities found all over the world.
J: If we don’t look at our shadow, that’s what we become.
C: Each member of the community is searching like the amoeba of Universal Consciousness, God, Goddess, All-That-Is. Each of us is God exploring God. Each of us is exploring each other and we are all God. When that perception dawns, we let go into the total flow.
J: The moment of final surrender.
C: The final surrender is like scary, very scary on one hand, and very attractive and compelling on the other hand. Witness the way we search for that Unity Consciousness.
J: When we witness our Life, we say yes to it. We accept it and allow it. Life flows. When we identify with a certain part of our Life, then we have to say no to Life. We expect something from it and sit in a defensive posture against Life. Magic is found the flow of Life. Our Lady said to us, “Magic isn’t personal. It is willed focus.” That led me to ask the questions, “What if I and we are me?”
C: In that question are three points as participants – I, me, and we. That is a variation on the triangle. It can be found on all four levels. We just reframe it and reinterpret it at higher levels with each progression. In so doing, we cultivate our consciousness by moving our awareness from one lower level to the next higher one.
J: Authority is collaboration. Authority is sustainable.
B: Authority celebrates Humility.
C: One of the characteristics of the teachers of God is Humility or openness to knowing more about self, others and God in a multiple of dimensions.
R: It is important to remember that evolution is a developmental process. Each level of the triangles takes a focused action in order to move consciousness. And each level is absorbed by a predominant feeling in order to maintain consciousness in that moment. For example, in order to move from scarcity to abundance, we have to deal with the feelings of being overwhelmed by the many choices abundance brings. So our action is developing balance, while learning to hold feelings of inadequacy in the face of too many choices. In this way we begin to develop trust. My learning is my growth. And growth is organic.
C: It is scary when groups and nations fight each other for the right definition of what the Boss is and what it is about – the final authority of God, Goddess, All-That-Is. It must be scary to let go into the unknown. Fear keeps us out of harmony with each other.
J: It is a moment of choice for us to decide what state of consciousness we would like to be in. What state of consciousness we are being drawn into. We have to identify the attraction and claim it. I have heard it said that our pain pushes us until our vision pulls us. The laws of energy change as we evolve into higher states of consciousness. What worked for us in our survival realms will not work the same in a field of abundance. Maybe we need to speak more about the speed and time and process we are in at this time of history. What happens when we embrace each moment and allow the creation to give us visions, inspirations and synchronicities that bring just the right people and circumstances that grow in us a trust of the universe.
C: Yet this place feels so strange. As though I’m an alien and somewhere else.
J: Separation defines itself that way. Unity feels different. Unity accepts that part that’s over there.
B: When we are looking in at unity from the side, it is very, very scary. There is a sense that if I let go, I will be overwhelmed. I must choose trust, not fear. For me it has to be trust. My issues have always been trust.
R: There was this old man once that said, “Unity, yeah! You can tie two cats together and throw them over the clothesline and call it unity. But harmony, now that’s hard to get.”
J: To bring about harmony in the process we can look to the field of study on conscious living and conscious dying. When we put the conscious part of life back into life, we become more humane. That’s why they call us human beings. When our being is present, we are humane. A friend of mine once said, “The first part of life, we are humans becoming. The second part of life, we are human doings. And the last part of life, we are human beings. If we apply that thought to our global picture, we would be human beings.
B: The very first thought that came into my mind after my near-death experience was. “I want there to be a planet for my children to have children on.” That was my focus for a long time. Still is. I learned to keep it in balance.
J: We have got to sit down and talk about sustaining our life. Someone with cancer goes through the stages of denial, anger, acceptance and transcendence. They must embrace their situation in order to heal. Our children are shouting at us to awaken from our denial when they shoot themselves and others at school. If we don’t blame, judge, or use guilt to determine our actions, we will embrace our fears and respond to each situation instead of reacting to it. In this way we can choose to be conscious as the world evolves into new vision of itself.
R: There is a story that exemplifies what you are talking about. There once was a samurai warrior who was quite well known for his skills across the land. He had a burning question, “What is hell? What is heaven?” Though he looked everywhere he could not find anyone who could answer this question for him. One day someone told him of an old sage that lived many days away. He was said to meditate high on a mountain this time of year. It was the time of year when water was scarce and the heat was intolerable. In any case, the samurai decided to go. He walked many days and by the time he arrived, his feet were bloody and he was very exhausted. He went to the river and bathed. He wanted to present himself in a good way. After all, he was the samurai known by many. He walked up the mountain and in his enthusiasm interrupted the old one’s meditation. He said, “Old man, I have come a long way to ask you the question, “What is hell? What is heaven?” The old man came out of meditation and looked at him saying, “You are a bit arrogant in your assumptions of yourself!” He then went back into meditation, closing his wyes. The samurai became enraged. After all, he had come a long way with great sacrifice to himself. His rage grew bigger and he drew his sword with an action to cut off the old man’s head. Just as his sword began the backward swing in that motion, the old man looked up and said, “That is Hell!” He then closed his eyes and went back into meditation. The samurai fell to his knees. A huge wave of gratitude welled up inside of him as he realized the old man had put his life on the line in order to answer his question. His heart opened and a great love poured from him. The old man looked up once again and said, “That is heaven!”
B: I think about intention when I want to do something and I don’t know how. Each level in my life review – God and I could have landed our view anywhere on the bubble. There were thousands of ways to perceive each event. I see each event in a bubble and I have no way to judge it. All I can do is perceive it.
J: Right. Our Lady calls that her original ground. She says we are living in a time of original ground. A time when all our possibilities are open on the table of life. We have, over thousands of years of humankind, created all these possibilities. The question is can we stay conscious during this moment of history. Can we stay conscious as we decide collectively what we want to create in our new world. She says, “Your mind will call this chaos. I call this Original Ground.” When our intention is set on conscious living, we approach life without expectation. We relate to life and follow its flow. This is the manifestation of sacred intention.
C: How you “don’t know” is surrender. Go inside your act. Practice “don’t know” and its surrender. This creates a mental connection with surrender which is more existential.
J: The ego expects. The Self allows.
B: Surrender piques my ego and “don’t know” keeps it in check.
J: When you “don’t know” you have to forgive yourself for the times you thought you did.
C: When our skills are not commensurate with our challenge or our conflict, then we get scared or feel bad. On the other side, we get bored.
B: The image that comes to me about all of this is the jet stream. When life is going really fast, we get tossed around in the turbulence. In the middle of the jet stream is the slip. It is like the eye of the hurricane, perfectly calm in its center. We are tossed around by our resistance. We remain in the turbulence until we surrender and move into the slip. We find we are going just as fast, but it doesn’t feel that way anymore. We are in a calm state.
R: The image I got was of a hot water tank with a long pip coming out of it. We have agreed upon a system where we place a bucket under the pipe to fill it. When the bucket is full, we fill a new one – like one task to another. Creator said t me that we were not paying attention to the heat of the water. The heat represented emotional toxicity in the place of the heart. So God finally decided just to turn the heat up which moved things ever faster, forcing us to shift our focus from tasks carried by the head into tasks held in a time and place of the heart. It was not possible to catch everything in the bucket anymore. We are going to have to identify with the temperature of the water. We are dealing with the flow of the water instead of whether or not we caught all of the water.
C: Did that come in a dream?
R: The image came out of holding the tension of that process in myself. It is a polarity or a paradox inside that I don’t understand or get. Spirit shows me the answer. If I just accept myself then I am not going to change. I need that part of me that doesn’t accept myself to create the change in my life. If I don’t accept myself, then I don’t like myself. If I don’t like myself, then I don’t feel good about myself. I believed that if I accepted myself, then I would just lay around and not change anything.
C: that is the mind wandering – wandering from idea to idea in hopes that someday it will get peace.
R: Yep. I found myself caught between two poles –acceptance of self and rejection of self. An image came to show me the energy that moves one forward. I say a snowball rolling down a hill. Suddenly, I am the snowball and life is the snow. Gravity just pulls the snowball down the hill. The snowball doesn’t have to do anything. Life is the changing part. So in life, we pick up new snow and at a certain time, gravity pull us down the hill. Our job is to stay centered and round by paying attention to that which is gathering around us. In this way, we learn how to flow in and amongst the obstacles, rather that smacking up against them. We don’t have to worry about change. Being alive brings change. That is the nature of life.
C: Life teaches us we do not need to resist. We can let go into the gravity that pulls us.
J: I would like to build on that by sharing a story of a woman that healed and empowered my heart. He name was Cornelia. She was 89 when I met her and had a heart wide open and a consciousness that flowed. During one of my sessions, my grief for the world overtook me. She held me and spoke softly to me, reassuring me. I looked up at her and felt full compassion and love for her. At that moment, she looked at me and caught my love and sent it back to me. That was the first time in my life my love had been caught and sent back, completing a circle. I had never had that experience of the circle of life sustaining itself. This voice said that most love is like a tire that we have punched holes in. When we reach a certain point in our evolution, we have a new experience of life filling in the holes so our life can move in a smoother way. At that point of life, our attractor starts to pull us in. That’s how life completes itself.
B: I’ve got to add to that. That was so clear. Both of you are talking about the Attractor. Your gravity! You are being drawn toward that Something. With suffering we are being pushed. But God is the attractor and we are being drawn into it.
C: I was going to add here, that if we start at the bottom triangle and its opposites, its gender issues, We’ve got at level 1 wither male / female, masculine / feminine, boy / girl differentiation. At the next level, level 2, we are working on I / thou. At level 3, the masculine and the feminine are experienced as energy.
J: When our mind moves into the heart, life is experienced as energy.
R: It becomes a non-gender energy. It is a recognition that there is masculine and feminine energy, but it is not gender oriented. We just process it.
J: It is about seeing through the third eye. It is about seeing energy. Recognizing energy as it is. Not needing to judge what it is. We just recognize what it is.
C: Seeing and acceptance.
J: It just identifies itself, so we know hew to respond to it.
C: And then on the 4th level, there is no gender.
J: One the 4th level is being.
C: Pure being.
J: Presence.
C: There is no duality.
J: Some of our friends in South America say we are a tribe that is accessing our original matrix. If we return to our original matrix, there is a knowing there that knows how to flip the switch. The knowledge is in the original matrix. So I the 4th triangle, we have returned to our original matrix.
B: In that case we have accessed our True Self. The High Self is connected to Higher Power.
C: There is a cartoon that depicts that the answer of the search for God is found in the journey.
B: We are making a giant vote right now. The choices we make collectively are going to shape our reality.
J: But what if this world lives in a hundred thousand places. What if it jus has different experiences of itself. Maybe there is one that is hellish. And maybe there is one that is completely in an actualized state. What if that is a possibility?
C: Multiple dimensions. Is it possible we move in and out of one plane of existence when there may be various levels of consciousness?
B: Are you saying that if this experiment doesn’t work, we will shift to a different reality?
J: Most indigenous tribal leaders that walk with prophecy say we are making that choice right now. They say that reality is shifting. We want to be conscious in the choice we are making.
C: Is that what we find in this notion of a great world change in 2012?
J: That may be the moment when a great change is put in motion. If we are not prepared, we will not be conscious. We will not be able to see it. We will not be prepared and, therefore, we will not be able to hold the new consciousness. We will not be able to flip the switch and vote for a world of unity.
C: Isn’t that a projection into the future?
J: What if it is not a projection. What if it is a statement from creation about Itself?
C: What if it is? But if it isn’t?
J: Many people made the same predictions many years ago, so that is why the old people of the earth say that Creation is speaking.
C: But who has made these predictions?
J: Most of the indigenous people from across this planet, plus many mystics throughout history. If we can suspend our need to judge the moment, we can receive all the varied possibilities. If we can hold all the possibilities, then our choices are many. If I can get out of my mind, my heart will be able to resonate with the choices that are toward my goodness and I can stay awake!
R: At that point, we have enough people awake to realize that there is a power through the collective consciousness to create our reality through coherent thought and prayer. There is a book called Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing America that gives voice to an increasing number of people awakening to this possibility. They hold seeds of hope for the next generation.
J: We must pay attention. We must not go to sleep now!