Alliances : Finca Sagrada (Sacred Land Farm)

 Mission Statement:

Our inspiration is the indigenous saying of the Americas that “neither the people of the North nor the South will thrive until the Condor and the Eagle fly as one.”

Finca Sagrada is a community birthed in gratitude where people can reconnect to the sacredness of the Earth and our own being…
…where the Earth has rights equal to human beings…
…where we steward Earth and each other
…over a self-sustaining sacred community.

Finca Sagrada is located in the southern mountains of Ecuador, close to the globally well-known Vilcabamba. Being close to the Equator yet in the mountains, we experience spring-like weather all year long. Our Biodynamic farm consists of a five hundred hectare mountain and about four hectares (ten acres) of lush irrigated pastures, fruit forests and flower and vegetable gardens.

We farm Biodynamically and use permaculture principles. We are very diversified, with cows, goats, burros, chickens, fish and bees. We have a food forest with bananas, mandarins, avocados and coffee. On the ground we grow traditional crops such as yucca, camote and white carrots plus a variety of vegetables from the Northern hemisphere. We also have a green house and flower gardens. Our aim is to be self- sufficient and sometimes we get pretty close.

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