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The Mothership program Soul Whispers Rev. Colbee McManamon July 1, 2020 5:00 pm pst

Mystic Numerology Interactive Workshop – Personal Power for Conscious Evolution

_ Discovering the collective numerological influences and your own life path number and personal year number will help inspire you to live with more clarity, grace, and alignment. Learn about some of the gifts and challenges that the rest of 2020 has for you as well as where you’re at on your path of conscious evolution.

July 1 @ 5 pm pst 

Colbee McManamon, Firebird 2018

Rev Colbee has a full medicine basket as a Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Numerologist and Minister of walking prayer. She is passionate about combining Earth Medicine and Energy Medicine to awaken the heart for personal and planetary healing. Learn more at www.soaringheartmedicine.com

About The MotherShip Program: Soul Whispers

Receive access to specialized teachings and deep wisdom transmissions from some of our most beloved elder teachers, as well as from within our very own CSS Community of Program Graduates.

Each monthly module will cover a different topic concerning Spirituality and Healing, offering you the opportunity to deepen your spiritual and energetic knowledge, and to grow your spiritual practice in a holistic way.

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