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The Mothership program Soul Whispers Yeye Luisah Teish, Dec 4, 2019 5pm pst

The MotherShip Program: Soul Whispers

Receive access to specialized teachings and deep wisdom transmissions from some of our most beloved elder teachers, as well as from within our very own CSS Community of Program Graduates.

Each monthly module will cover a different topic concerning Spirituality and Healing, offering you the opportunity to deepen your spiritual and energetic knowledge, and to grow your spiritual practice in a holistic way.

December 4, 2019, at 5-6:30 pm pst

Mother of the Night: Sleep and Dreams as Spiritual Practice

Yeye Luisah Teish

This session discusses the nature of the African deities that inhabit the depths of the Ocean, human emotions, and the collective unconscious. It includes stories, visualizations, chants, and rituals for accessing guidance through dream interpretation and ritual embodiment.

Luisah Teish is a storyteller-writer, an artist-activist, and spiritual guidance counselor. She is an initiated elder (Iyanifa) in the Ifa/Orisha tradition of the West African Diaspora.

She is the author of Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals, and she co-authored “On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Land” with Kahuna Leilani Birely. Her most recent work is “Spirit Revealing, Color Healing”, a book of Zen Doodles.

She has contributed to 35 anthologies, notably “Spiritual Guidance Across Religions: A Sourcebook for Spiritual Directors and Other Professionals Providing Counsel…” by Rev. John R. Mabry PhD, Dan Mendelsohn Aviv PhD, Måns Broo PhD and Rev. Cathleen Cox MAT MDiv (Apr 1, 2014) And magazines such as Ms., Essence, SageWoman, and the Yoga Journal.

She has articles and artwork in Coreopsis: Journal of Myth and Theater, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone Journal of Speculative fiction.

Her performance credits include:

Concert for All Beings, Marin Civic Center (2014)

Resonant Streams: An Ancient Call. St. John the Divine Cathedral New York (2011)

The Praises for the World Concert, directed by Jennifer Berezan, Edge of Wonder Music. (2005) She has performed in Europe, Venezuela, New Zealand, and the United States.

She teaches online courses, provides editorial assistance, facilitates conferences and weekend workshops, and performs in theaters worldwide.