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The MotherShip Program Soul Whispers Staci Boden Sept. 4, 2019 5pm PST

The MotherShip Program: Soul Whispers

Receive access to specialized teachings and deep wisdom transmissions from some of our most beloved elder teachers, as well as from within our very own CSS Community of Program Graduates.

Each monthly module will cover a different topic concerning Spirituality and Healing, offering you the opportunity to deepen your spiritual and energetic knowledge, and to grow your spiritual practice in a holistic way.

September 4, 2019, at 5-6:30 pm PST

How Following Energy Turns Dead Ends into Doorways

Staci Boden

During this call, Staci cultivates a loving yet down-to-earth space to make the following energy real in daily life. She’ll share how her CSS lineage inspired a 10-year study which actualized a spiritual practice in relationship with 8 teachers in her book. She’ll facilitate a process to support participants in identifying where they feel stuck and how they can start a conversation with the mystery to move from letting go to beginning again.

Staci Boden is a teacher, ceremonialist and energy worker and author with over 15 years of experience with individual and group facilitation. Her 20-year relationship with CSS began in 1999 as a student in the Stargate Mystery School where she first learned about the following of energy. As Staci developed her healing practice with individuals and groups, including Maitri Breathwork and 7Directions, she lived into what following energy meant as a way of life. Her book, Turning Dead Ends into Doorways, integrates learning into a guide for how to follow energy through everyday living. To connect visit Staci at Dancing-Tree (www.dancing-tree.com).