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The Mothership program Soul Whispers Rev. Monica Rosas May 6, 2020 5pm pst

Ministering for our Times

– As ministers of her walking prayer, we have dedicated ourselves to sustaining ways of life through collaboration and reciprocity with the earth and all her beings. Each of us chooses to minister in our own way, according to the gifts and mission we feel she has given us. However, how do we approach our clients/community when it comes to the current broader world challenges we all face as humans, and underlie our day-to-day interactions and life? Join us for this interactive workshop on how to understand, talk about and support our clients/community with the challenging inter-related topics of, “Climate Crisis/Emergency” and “Colonialism”. Please bring your questions 🙂 A beginner’s mind is welcome.

May 6, 2020, at 5-6:30 pm PST

Rev. Monica Rosas, Feather clan 2014

Mónica Rosas has been providing spiritual coaching, intuitive healing and conflict resolution through card/oracle readings, circles, and ritual work for over 8 years. Mónica works with clients in the Holistic Health, Environmental, Education, and TV Production fields. www.monica-rosas.com




About The MotherShip Program: Soul Whispers

Receive access to specialized teachings and deep wisdom transmissions from some of our most beloved elder teachers, as well as from within our very own CSS Community of Program Graduates.

Each monthly module will cover a different topic concerning Spirituality and Healing, offering you the opportunity to deepen your spiritual and energetic knowledge, and to grow your spiritual practice in a holistic way.

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