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Soul Whispers with Rev. Waymatea Ellis, April 1, 2020

Sacred Rose Portal: Rev. Waymatea Ellis, 
Water Clan 2013
Joyful Beings
 April 1st, 2020


Hello beautiful community,

I truly enjoyed and felt honored to be a part of the Soul Whispers Call on April 1.  I am so excited to share that I have created an easy to use app to share the teachings of my new JOYFUL BEING program.  I invite you to download the app for 30 free days of uplifting meditation, daily action steps, and solutions to living with balance, alignment and joy.   It is available on the App store and Google Play.

The programs in the app will take you step-by-step toward a better grasp on what you want from your life, and help you to be intentional with the steps you are taking to get there, with connection, peace and positive energy. The JOYFUL BEING app provides tools and guidance so you can create space in your schedule, reconnect with your source, and rise to your fully expressed beautiful self.

Also, I welcome you to be a part of the JOYFUL BEING community for our free weekly gathering online.  Our weekly sacred circle takes place at 9AM PST every Sunday. The Zoom link for this coming Sunday is  https://zoom.us/j/252267117   Please feel free to join the Joyful Beings community in our Facebook group, for all updates and to meet the other members of the Joyful Being community. I can’t wait to have you join us.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/joyfulbeings/


Rev. Way Ellis

Water Clan, 2013

Rev. Waymatea Ellis, Water Clan, 2013

Do you dream of being balanced, connected and whole in body, mind, and spirit, but at times feel lost in the upside down-ness of the state of things?
Join us and learn of a global movement of Joyful Beings, who are on a mission to Rest, Reconnect and Rise together. Come away with real tools to help you steady yourself in this shifting time.

Waymatea is a mentor, motivational speaker, minister, musician, and marketer. She offers a unique approach to success, wellness, and living life authentically, peacefully and joyfully. Way is a single homeschooling mom of two girls and makes her home in Edmonton, AB, Canada