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Sigil Work Shop

Celeste and Krysteen will be leading an after-hours sigil workshop at the Center for Sacred Studies. The focus will be to create a personalized sigil to banish negative energies, people, habits, or personality aspects from your life.

9/28 is a New Moon, a fantastic time to banish the old and start fresh. Think about the thing you want to release from your life to make room for the positive you’d like to invite in.

What to bring: if you have some paper, pens, pencils or charcoals that have meaning to you, bring them. They will lend power to your sigil. We will have some supplies on hand, graciously supplied by Krysteen. Your open mind and clear intention. And a small dessert to share with the class.

While this is a learning opportunity, it is also a time to connect with your local spiritual community. We will also be hosting a dessert potluck after the workshop.

Celeste will be offering pendulum readings during the dessert portion. By donation of whatever feels good to you, or trade (crystals, incense, sage, etc).

Krysteen will also be offering rune readings at this time. She accepts donation or trade of the same kind as Celeste.

This event is free to attend. It is asked that if you attend the event that you make a donation to the Center, or purchase something from their shop. They graciously host so many spiritual events in our community, and make them accessible to all of the community they serve. Let’s support them and keep their doors open.


Valerie Hausman