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Mothership Program Soul Whispers: Tonya Dawn Recla, February 3, 2021 5 pm pst

Your Super Power Design


Do you believe that Super Powers are real?

~Super Power DesignTM is based on decades of research and eons of personal development, spiritualization, and self-awareness from multiple cultures tied together with vibrational theory. It incorporates Jungian Theory, Western Astrology, Chinese I Ching, Indian Chakra System, Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and Subconscious Awareness/Critical Theory.

While the design has roots in Human Design, the adaptation evolved through decades of personal development education, government counterintelligence experience, and intuitive consciousness work. This report is the gateway to understanding your specific design and your Super Powers.

Super Power DesignTM is perfect for entrepreneurs, change-agents, light-workers, and catalysts for evolution. Those of us who realize our mission is to change the way things get done and help raise consciousness are the ones constantly asking “how” and “why.” Super Power DesignTM is the ultimate guide for moving through old patterns into new, higher vibrational methods. Thanks to its intuitive component, it is the only assessment specifically designed to move at the pace of consciousness.

Participants will be asked to submit their info ahead of time in order to receive their mini-Design reading on the call!

Tonya Dawn Recla
Your Super Power Design
February 3, 2021, 5 pm pst

As the Executive Director of Super Power Experts and creator of the SuperPower Up Network, the number one podcast network for personal development and spiritual growth, Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days convincing people superpowers are real and recruiting other powerful mutants. During her career as a government Special Agent, she explored the human psyche, honed her Super Powers, and cracked the code of enlightened self-actualization. Tonya continues as a lifelong student of energy manipulation, transmutation, intentional molecular creation, and full communion with the Divine. She believes everyone has the power to create a multidimensional existence and master the human experience.


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