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Mothership Program Soul Whispers: Shivrael Shannon Brophy, March 3, 2021 5 pm pst

The Past Life Regression Experience

Do you sense any memories of past lives?

What are the memories?

How has knowing a past life served you?

~ Past Life Regression may help us to unravel challenges we are having in life, perhaps resetting emotional patterns that have carried over from a previous lifetime Past life regression is the key to unlock hidden knowledge of the soul.

Beyond Quantum Healing, a modality of spiritual hypnosis is transformational.

Dolores Cannon worked with hundreds of people doing past life regression and was an author and researcher bringing the modality of Quantum Healing Hypnosis into the world.

She wrote “One of the most revealing aspects of my work in Past Life Regression is the unpredictable factor of what is shared by a soul when it’s not in a human body. In this state, the soul can easily remember sacred knowledge that is forgotten when it incarnates on the physical plane in a body.

Certainly, experiencing a Past Life Regression allows us to look at life differently.

What to Expect
With this introduction group past life regression. We will be setting our intentions in sacred space. We then relax and allow ourselves to enter a hypnotic space where we are guided to connect with a past life that we have lived before.

Let yourself drift and see what happens. Approach it with curiosity while being playful. Pay attention to the environment, images, other beings, what is happening, how you feel about it, body sensations, any knowings that arise, and what you hear and communicate with others. Be sure to ask questions as well as answer questions you are guided to answer. Then we will return to the present while we integrate and ground ourselves in our bodies. You can write things down as well.

We will have a time in which you are invited to share what you experienced if you wish.

How to Prepare
Listen to guided meditations to practice relaxing and meditating if you feel like it might be helpful.
Have the time of the event, 5 pm to 6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time on March 3 blocked out so you will not be disturbed. Turn off anything that might distract you. Have a place to lie down like your bed.
Bring a glass of water, an eye covering, headphones, a crystal, and your journal to the online event.
Contact Shivrael if you have any questions at shivrael@yogisource.com

Shivrael Shannon Brophy
Past Life Regression
March 3, 2021, 5 pm pst

Shivrael Shannon Brophy is an akashic reader, teacher, and a Certified Beyond

Quantum Healing (BQH) practioner using hypnosis for spiritual expansion. She has trained others in Quantum Healing. Shivrael is the author of “Wake Up and Be Happy: Expand Your Multidimensional Awareness to be released in 2021. She lives in the Mt.Shasta, California area and has taught The Inner Guidance Course Wisdom Bridge Teleseminar previously at CSS.

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