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MotherShip Program Soul Whispers: Rev. Karma Cloud, September 2nd, 2020 5 pm PST

Metamorphosis-The InneR/Evolution

~ In this ExtraOrdinary Time of Shifting Paradigms, Exposing Lies & Liberating Truth, Metamorphosis is the path of empowerment I choose to align with. In this call, we look to the caterpillar and the butterfly to guide us from the inside out, as we Shift, Shape, Share & Sustain the Sacred Cycles Life-giving Life to itSelf, Source and Others, coming undone in order to become one from within one again and again. Discover how to bring forth the creative practice and purpose of Truth, Love, and Liberation through Self Study, Integration, Integrity, Social Justice & Life Initiation.

Metamorphosis-The InneR/Evolution

September 2nd,  2020 5 pm PST

Rev. Karma Cloud, Earth Song Clan 2015

Rev. Karma Cloud is a Black Italian Earth Spirit Woman dedicated to weaving intuitive, ancestral, and traditional cultural wisdom within the creative process of living and learning. She specializes in Ubuntu Expressive Arts Education for Liberation, Relevant Rituals & Rites of Passage, Learning Life Psycles, and bringing forth the Beauty of Birth in Labor, Life, and Love. She is an Artist, Author, and Song Catcher, Mentor, Mother, and Minister. As the Director of SoWisdom Center, a Studio Sanctuary for the Sacred Arts of Living and Learning, she has inspired and empowered women, men, and children of diverse ages, ethnicities, genders, and socioeconomic status to become their visions and walk their prayers with integrity and joy.