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POSTPONED !!! Mothership Program Soul Whispers: Rev. Ellen Kittredge, December 2, 2020 5 pm pst


Healing with your Nature Parents


`What would it feel like for you to know that you were deeply supported and loved by nature?’

~ The physical location on the earth where we are born is where we make our irrevocable commitment to be in a physical body. At the same time that our human mother and father receive us into this world, our nature mother (a body of water) and our nature father (a hill, mountain, area of nature) similarly “catch us”, forming a sort of spiritual and energetic landing pad to receive our soul in human form onto the planet.

Come learn how to re-connect with your nature parents in this 90-minute experiential workshop. We will together engage in healing meditations and a journey to meet our nature parents and receive a gift from them.

When we connect with our nature parents we recover the living energy of our point of origin. We also receive very potent support to manifest our destiny in this lifetime because, while our biological parents give us our physical body, our nature parents hold the living energy and wisdom needed to accomplish our destiny.

The nature parent teachings and transmission come from the Q’ero of Peru, direct descendants of the Inka, who still practice a living unbroken lineage tradition of nature connection that spans hundreds of years. In fact, the Q’ero who has worked with westerners share that the main challenge westerners face in their healing is a disconnection with the earth, which can be rectified when reconnecting with one’s nature parents.

I have worked with my nature parents for several years and introduced these teachings and this connection to hundreds of people around the world, and have witnessed many healing miracles occur.

Expect to walk away from this call transformed and having gained a significant level of support for your pathway forward in life. There will be time for Q and A and sharing in addition to the meditations and journeys we’ll engage in.


Rev. Ellen Kittredge

Healing with your Nature Parent

December 2, 2020, 5 pm pst

Ellen Kittredge is a Minister, Energy Healer, Nutritional Counselor, and Practitioner of Earth Based Healing Modalities. In addition to her training within the CSS Ministry Program, Ellen has studied extensively with Nature Priests (paqos) in the High Andes of Peru and is a teacher for the Wiraqocha Foundation, where she shares the medicine teachings, healing modalities, and initiatory rites that have been gifted to her, with her students and clients all over the world. In 2014, Ellen helped to co-found the Eagle Condor Healing Intensive, a 9-month training program in earth-based healing modalities and co-taught this program for 5 years. In 2016 she began offering the initiatory rites of the Nust’as Healing Forces of Nature and has shared those with students in the US and the UK. She has also co-led pilgrimages to Peru. In addition to teachings workshops in person as well as online, Ellen maintains an active private practice where she offers her clients mentorship in nutrition, healing modalities for the body/mind/spirit, and shares with them simple land-based offering and connection practices.