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MotherShip Program Soul Whispers: Rev. Daniela Lanaia October 7th, 5 pm PST

Mother Earth Meditation & Sound Healing Transmission

~ A live online sound healing journey to attune with and listen to Mother Earth’s Call in our Hearts. A space of sacred sound, love, giggles, healing & support during these times, where we may come together, transform & clear heavy energies, sing, and attune to the heart. This is a live sound healing session & transmission with guided meditation & energy work, light language, crystal singing bowls, songs of the heart, and sound healing frequencies.


Mother Earth Meditation & Sound Healing Transmission
October 7th, 5 pm PST
Rev. Daniela Lanaia, Firebird Clan

Daniela Lanaia is a sound healer, holistic practitioner & gardener whose work focuses on re-weaving our inner landscapes and sacred relationship with Mother Earth. Spending much of her adult life in wildlands, sacred sites, and with Nature, Daniela has also traveled and learned from indigenous cultures and healers of the Americas and the British Isles, learning and reawakening to ways of ancient wisdom and healing from within. Daniela resides in the Highlands of Scotland and offers sound healing, retreats, and online sessions…

My website is – www.alunahealing.co.uk
Info about the Sound Healing events: https://www.alunahealing.co.uk/receive/online-shamanic-sound-healing-transmissions/
And you can hear some of my music here: www.animamusic.co.uk