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Mothership Program Series, “12 Moon Sound Healing Journey ” w/h Daniela Lanaia, August 25, 2021 @ 5pm PST

12 Moon Sound Healing Journey

Through the Celtic Medicine Wheel

with Daniela Lanaia

Center for Sacred Studies Mothership Program

4th Wednesday of the Month!

 “Sound will be the medicine of the future”. – Edgar Cayce


We are excited to announce a new Mothership offering of a journey into sound healing with Daniela Lanaia, held over 12 moons.


The sound healing journeys are a profound space of sound medicine, stillness & beautiful community; to nourish, transform and journey within, for the healing of ourselves & Mother Earth. With a ‘crystalline voice that penetrates the heart’, Daniela weaves soundscapes, light language, song, singing bowls, ancient frequencies & shamanic meditations into a ethereal, healing journey.  The sessions are live transmissions, created using high quality equipment, for a deeply immersive, heart-opening experience.


“There is a song reaching the whole earth, wrought from patience, love and prayer. Neither violent nor assertive, it is peace begetting peace, love made manifest. Listen to it with the ear of your heart; let it go deep within. Open to the sound, to the  words, to the life of which it sings.” ~ Katharine Le Mée


Beginning in August, and held on the 4th Wednesday of the month, the 12 moon series will be a sonic journey through the celtic medicine wheel. As we journey through the wheel of the year, each session is an invitation to attune with the energies of the earth, moon, sun and stars; to listen, and re-awaken the songs of our ancient heritage; to vision and dream; attuning with frequencies of the new earth, through deepening into the sacred stillness within our hearts.


During the sound journeys you may like to sit, lie down, dance, sing; to let go of tension and mental distractions, and receive the vibrations deep into your cells; to breathe and merge with the energetic transmissions through the sound and music.


As we relax and surrender, we may open into spaces of healing and deep peace.


“People say that the soul, on hearing the song of creation, entered the body, but in reality the soul itself was the song”. – Hafiz.



August 25, 2021 @ 5pm PST

Daniela Lanaia

Daniela Lanaia is a healer and musician whose work  focuses on re-weaving our inner landscapes and sacred relationship with Mother Earth and the stars. Spending much of her life immersed in Nature, and at sacred sites, she has also learned from indigenous ways of the America’s and British Isles, reawakening to ancient wisdom and healing ways. Daniela now lives in the Highlands of Scotland where she lovingly tends the earth, and offers sound healing, retreats & one to one sessions. She is the female vocalist & songwriter within Anima Sound Medicine.


Anima are Award-Winning artists, pioneering Sound Healing Music. Anima’s music is infused with sacred frequencies, harmonic tones and crystalline vocals, within rich, meditative & luminous soundscapes. “Deep and profound, the timeless music of Anima reaches into the heart and soul, enfolding the listener in a tender embrace of the sacred.”



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