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Fireside Chat with Jyoti, September 18, 2019

 Fireside Chat with Jyoti

Jyoti, Grandmother Vision Keeper

Jyoti is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher. She has cultivated projects that demonstrate ways of life that honor the Earth and all Peoples. As one of the founders and now holding a Grandmother Seat, and in her active role for so many years as the Spiritual Director of the Center for Sacred Studies (centerforsacredstudies.org), she co-founded Kayumari with spiritual communities both in America and Europe. Other projects she has helped to convene are the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and the Unity Concert. She is the founder of The Fountain (https://thefountain.earth) Its mission is to restore an economic model that is based on reciprocity and collaboration guided by Nature and the Sacred. She has devoted her life to bringing unity to the planet by facilitating the development of alliances between individuals who are the guardians of indigenous culture and traditional medicine ways. Through this work, collaborative relationships with organizations that are focused on economic, social and environmental solutions have developed, creatively addressing the global challenges of our times.




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