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Mothership Program Call, Margaret Lindsey, June 2, 2021, 5 PM PST

Heart Spiral Meditation: guided by Margaret Lindsey


How can meditating with art shift my consciousness?


~ Margaret will offer a guided meditation with the heart spiral, utilizing an animated visual with margaret’s heart spiral paintings, her words, and recorded music, on Zoom. This is a gentle experience, appropriate for all. For the best experience, it is helpful to have good sound, and ideally a large screen connected to your computer. You may sit, stand, or lie down during the guided meditation, and may want to do yoga or other contemplative body practices as you follow along. Bring a journal and something to write with. if you already have a print of the heart spiral geometry in any form, you could work with that as well.


June 2, 2021, 5 PM PST

Heart Spiral Meditation: guided by Margaret Lindsey

Margaret Lindsey

My acrylic paintings are a way of logging the topography of the worlds within and beyond me, often sourced from visions, ceremonies and dreams. I have been creating images sources in the non-ordinary realms for years, as prayer, for healing, and to inquire into the nature of things. My paintings are still part of the CSS story, including my painting of the Mother, and my floor pieces which are used for meditations in ceremonies, classes, and other CSS sponsored events.

This method of creative inquiry drives the work and play that I craft for other people: I guide people through conscious art practices and experiences, including meditations and expressive art play. These offer a way to investigate and give form to one’s own uncharted or unconscious terrain, or to other realms and dimensions.

I’ve honed my craft as a creativity mentor, educator and facilitator through many wonderful years: a student and facilitator in the CSS mystery school, as a professor of Arts & Consciousness at J.F.K.University, as a facilitator in my community, and as the director of award-winning art programs at various private and public schools. I am a passionate and successful retreat and workshop leader, facilitating for groups ranging from 2-100, offering creative practices and experiences for individuals, small groups, in-services, and community gatherings.

I paint in my studio in the woods outside of Nevada City, CA, and show my work locally and internationally.

Contact me at my website: artransforms.com or on Facebook.com/creativity4consciousness/


The session is offered as a Mothership Program Meeting and is included within your membership. For anyone not enrolled in the Mothership, this call is being offered by donation. Please give what is in your heart to give in reciprocity, and whatever you are able to. Your support is so deeply appreciated. Please send your donation using the link below: https://www.centerforsacredstudies.org/make-donation/


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