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Awakenening Healers: Intro to Understanding Spiritual Emergence

Sunday 11-12:30pm Intro with Michelle Anne Hobart
Awakening Healers:

Your Guide to Understanding and Supporting Spiritual Emergence

In a time of spiritual crisis, it may be difficult to find appropriate supports or resources. Western psychology and psychiatry typically pathologize these experiences or states of consciousness and some people are afraid to seek traditional treatments. This is why we have put together an online course that incorporates a peer-support model to help guide those that have gone through or currently going through a manageable crisis. The Awakening Healers course includes psychoeducation, meditations, energy medicine, and Spiritual Emergence support circles. We have developed a template for conceptualizing, honoring, and holding sacred space for the transformative power of these non-ordinary or extreme states of consciousness.

Who is this course for?
This course is for current or aspiring healers who have undergone a spiritual awakening or spiritual emergence experience and are trying to better understand how
to navigate this new terrain.

Are you an:
Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, or Psychonaut that got more than they bargained for in non-ordinary states of consciousness?
A Healer who is accessing and opening to your gifts but are Having difficulty managing the overload of energy and information?
Someone who needs tools and information to understand what happened and that you are not alone?
A practitioner who had SE themselves and hold their practice in this way and want to get more information and resources for their clients?
An experiencer of a trauma event, NDE, psychic opening, shamanic
illness/crisis/initiatory experiences?
Someone who is working on integrating your spiritual emergence and trying to make meaning out of the experience and applying your unfurling gifts in
the world?


Valerie Hausman