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CANCELED!!! A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ October 30, 2019 @ 5pm PST

We have been evacuated and just returned to our home; unfortunately, we are going to have to cancel this call. We have to find a way to connect and we would have to drive a distance and we have all been advised to stay off the road. Please hold prayers for the first responders, and those who have lost their homes and Mother Nature herself. During the fires, there was a 3.8 earthquake. Mother Nature is shouting at us to pay attention. There are many actions galvanizing, right now to stand with our indigenous nations. They know how to listen to Mother Earth and what she needs during these challenging times. Continue to pray for theses movements as we unite in this historical moment. See you in next month’s call.

With Love,

Jyoti, Darlene, and CSS staff.

Dear Community and Relatives,


We would like to invite you to our Center for Sacred Studies Prayer Portal call on October 30, 2019, at 5 pm PST.


Margin will be hosting the Prayer Portal call this month with our Center for Sacred Studies Grandmother Elder Jyoti and Spiritual Director, Darlene Hunter.  This will be the eleventh of twelve calls that have been scheduled once a month on the last Wednesday of the month. These calls include different facilitators each time so that we can offer a diverse dialogue.


We are hoping to hold a focus on the Now!

What is happening and what can be our response?

How is this walk a prayer in motion for unity and peace?

What is the shadow that has been brought out in our collective for healing?

How can we stay fully present as we follow the guidance of prophecy that comes to guide us through these times?

Witness the many Divine channels that are intervening now to help us.


Our call this month is “Listening to the Wisdom of the Earth“.

Please join us as Jyoti our Grandma Elder, who founded with her husband, Russell Park, an international spiritual intentional community called Kayumari; one of the Founding members of the Center for Sacred Studies; Founder of the Fountain Project and Spiritual Grandma for our Global Community Village, shares with us on October 30th about an amazing movement with and for the Mother Earth, which was called into action in September of this year.


We are at a tipping point!!!!


Jyoti writes:

“I was in London as a delegate to the Flourishing Diversity Summit in September of this year. It was a three day event and on the last day we heard the news that more fires had been set in the Amazon and that 1 1/2 tones of radioactive waters from Fukushima had been dumped in our ocean, it was like the Creator sent a bolt of lightning into the gathering composed of our delegates from First Nation globally and up to 300 invited guests. At that moment, Erena, a Maori elder, came on fire and in the traditional way of her People, she made a call to action. In full unity, the gathering stood with the Original Peoples as they declared their intrinsic sovereignty and declared to take back their Original Caretaker Roles of their territories.”


We look forward to being on the call together!

Please read on to see how to join us!!

See you there!!!

With blessings of love and peace,

Jyoti, Darlene and the Staff of the Center for Sacred Studies

We invite you to come together on the FREE Teleconference Call

Wednesday, October 30, 2019, at 5:00 pm PST




These offerings are medicine for these times.

It is now time to unify our diversity as One People for One Earth.

If you have any questions, please email us at


Below are some of the testimonials received from our previous community calls.

“Thank-you so very much for the inspiring prayer call last night. The words of wisdom that were spoken are carriers of such deep truth, and I sensed an expansion out into the realms of many hearts, including mine. With deep gratitude” – Martha


“It was sincere, heartfelt, and clear. There was wisdom with a capacity to effect change. I felt sadness for our separation from all life on earth and the chaos. I am not familiar with the prophecy but it sounds like it might be about global warming. I promise to be more loving and kind by slowing down and only focusing on what generates love and act from that place of kindness and compassion. It touched me deeply. Thank you.” – Pam


“I LOVED the content that the indigenous elders shared – VERY inspiring! The information they shared resonated deeply within me. – Anonymous


I loved the chance to learn from our indigenous elders!” – Jem


“I loved the guest’s elders and their messages. I was as able to ask my question and hear the response. ” – Lisa


“Many blessings & gratitude to you the hosts and the elder presenters along with their ancestors and descendants to the 10th generation.” – Rose


“As an astrologer, I was overjoyed with the content of the call! The information was relevant for managing our life.”- Mary


“Hello beloved family, I am so very grateful for this call that I was able to attend from The Netherlands with being on the call at 2 am as of the time difference. Very much appreciate the sharing of knowledge and wisdom is such a joyful basket of fresh fruits. It’s very uplifting and gives me hope and joy in my heart, Thank you! so much love “- Rev. Daniella Scarparo


“Grateful for the message of hope”- Anonymous


“Beautiful Energy”- Anonymous


“… I took a lot of notes. It became even clearer to me the importance of collaboration at this time in human history. It was good to hear again about the condor and the eagle but I had not heard of the Japanese dragon before. I very much appreciated hearing from a Japanese perspective. – Leoma


“Fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity to listen, learn & share, all of it was great including the song, the memorial poem, the prophecies & the interactive format & that it took place despite tech & physical challenges ! Would appreciate future gatherings.” – Anonymous


“Thank you again, dear Jyoti, Darlene, and devoted CSS staff. You are providing a safe landing space for our brothers and sisters on the land to share these heartbreaking events. I particularly appreciate the encouragement to trust OUR truths, dreams, and prayers – especially those with subtle messages and double meanings. I’ve been reaching deep inside to find something deep and yummy to share. Today, I remembered a song by Rabbi Miriam Maron that touches the marrow in my bones. Called, “Renewal of Strength,” the words say: The Holy One, Blessed be his Name – hides…HIDES HIMSELF — IN THE MIDST OF THE OBSTACLE…… We are surely being tested, but NOT abandoned! Spirit loves us more than ever. Let us do the same for each other. Aho.” – Shirley


“Thank you so much for hosting these. It really has made a difference with sharing our love and support in these times of great challenge and shifting.” – Kath


“I am inspired by many persuasions. Still, I feel broken even as an activist. Putting one foot in front of the other is becoming more difficult. How DO we all keep going amidst the storm? Thanks.” – Marni