Earth Initiatives
 The Unity Concert 2014 

Unite with The Great Sioux Nation for this global ceremonial gathering in South Dakota, September 13th-14th and stand up for the earth to be restored to balance.



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 WaterSongLine Ceremonies 


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Photo: Watersongline Council Members at the Calling All Nations Ceremony: Left to right: Lis Addison; Rev. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel; Mahea Mahealani; Omileye Yeyeochun; Ann Rosencranz; Kauzumi Ohisihi

Answer the call:Be part of WaterSongline’s Igniting the LOVE Ceremonies, and the power of Mother Earth’s WaterSongline ability to join the hands and hearts of all:

International Faith Leaders, World Leaders, Wisdom Keepers, and individuals across faiths, lands, cultures, languages, genders and ages for the healing of the Mother Waters, Earth, Humanity, and the next Seven Generations.