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“Recently I heard a health professional speaking of the anxiety people were feeling during this crisis because of having little or no control over what was happening. The unpredictability of life on our earth presents many challenges with the unknown.  I was reminded of my spiritual guidance when I questioned the difference between control and no control.

The answer came with an image of a boat at sea and this observation:   No sailor would go to sea who did not know what his or her boat could do and how to navigate, but only a fool thinks one could control the tide and winds.   Surrendering to the conditions and then practicing one’s craftsmanship makes for a successful and safe ride.

For many years, I have received guidance that during the planetary shift we are experiencing, all things hidden must come to the surface. There are many triggers to remind us of our common humanity and our shared planet.  As we face and hopefully embrace our environmental crisis and the confrontation with injustices of all kinds, as well as the current challenge to our health - mentally, emotionally and physically, it is important that we dedicate ourselves to sustaining poise in the chaos.

As I meditated on supportive thoughts I could offer at this time, my mind returned again and again to the importance of our staying steady and patient for however long it takes. In that spirit, I want to share the following 12 considerations on endurance from my book BAREFOOT ON HOLY GROUND, 12 Lessons in Spiritual Craftsmanship.

1. Endurance empowers all other aspects of discipleship.
2. Endurance shapes by gentle insistence, not by heavy blows.
3. Endurance makes possible the birth of visions into form.
4. Endurance holds to truths not seen during the dark times.
5. Endurance is unconditional. “I’m in, no matter what.”
6. Endurance sees purpose and learning in failure and success.
7. Endurance notices “what is,” and energizes what can be.
8. Endurance accepts discipline in order to achieve excellence.
9. Endurance gracefully sacrifices the lesser for the greater.
10. Endurance combines soul purpose and material muscle.
11. Endurance is patient and perseveres with process.
12. Endurance has no beginning or end. I endure because I Am.

May you endure with peace, calmness and remembrance of how deeply you are loved”

— Gloria

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