The Teaching of The 13 Moons Medicine Wheel - a completed Teleseminar to download

The Teaching of The 13 Moons Medicine Wheel

With Shiituii a kuna Guenta and Grandfather H'sa Guenta Hokon atuk

A 6-session downloadable course with supplementary video recordings
Recorded from March 10 - April 16,  2014

Long ago my people lived by the Medicine Wheel and we walked in balance with all living things. Plants, Animals, Elements, and colors of nature were woven into our daily lives. Everything that is inside of us comes from Nature. Nature is calling us back to the ways that will realign us with our Mother the Earth, and bring balance back to Nature and all Beings...

 Let us go outside and remember!

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The Teaching of The 13 Moons Teleseminar


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